Good Day Today is a new book by Daniel Neofetou, one of the founding members and writers of Reeling The Real, about the films of David Lynch and how they pose a radical challenge to conservative and absolutist ideologies. In the book, Neofetou argues that – by utilising the tropes of the Hollywood movie, but subverting their accepted meanings and combining them with techniques from experimental film praxis – Lynch’s works might engender a mindset which resists prescribed meanings and blind consensus with the dominant discourse.

We now have the full length recording of Good Day Today’s book launch at Café OTO, including a talk by Daniel Neofetou and a Q&A with philosopher and curator Daniel Barnes

“Neofetou on Lynch is an original on an original. This book is a learned and lucid work in which Neofetou demonstrates how Lynch’s deeply entrancing filmmaking greatly destabilises the viewer into seeing and feeling outside the norm.” ~ Jose Arroyo, University of Warwick

Keeping in line with the ‘documentary’ side of things, visit Cinephilia & Beyond’s page of essential David Lynch documentaries free to stream from the website, including Pretty as a Picture: The Art of David Lynch (1997), David Lynch: Don’t Look at Me (1989), Lynch (2007), Mysteries of Love (2002), Eraserhead Stories (2001), Jonathan Ross Presents for One Week Only: David Lynch (1990), David Lynch presents: Ruth, Roses and Revolver (BBC Arena 1987), Scene by Scene: David Lynch (BBC, 1999), and David Lynch Interview (The GUARDIAN Lectures 1985). Also keep up to date with the latest crowd-funded documentary project Lynch Three via their Kickstarter page.

Reeling The Real is a website dedicated to the discussion of all kinds of moving image including documentary, film essays, archive re-use, artists' moving image and more.

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