Out on download and DVD on 24th March, the historical thriller Plot For Peace tells the story of French businessman Jean-Yves Ollivier and his surprising role in the fall of apartheid through secret negotiations with world leaders. From an archival aspect, this film not only brings together rich found footage and interviews, but is also notable for its beginnings in the African Oral History Archive.

President Nelson Mandela meets Jean-Yves Ollivier, 1995

President Nelson Mandela meets Jean-Yves Ollivier, 1995

The filmmakers behind Plot For Peace first came across the mysterious ‘Monsieur Jacques’ in an archive clip of a prisoners’ exchange, after which they began to uncover a much bigger and previously untold story.

DVD_3Dpackshot_transparentBGsmallCreated by the Ichikowitz Family Foundation, and Executive Produced by the film’s co-director Mandy Jacobson, the African Oral History Archive records and showcases the continent’s acclaimed or unknown history makers, giving unprecedented access to all those who were at the heart of events that shaped Africa’s modern history.

“There are so many treasures in archives. When you start looking and thinking about how you can turn them into a living dialogue with today’s world, it’s a really exciting challenge. And look what it did for us; Jean Yves had literally not told his story for about 30 years!” – Mandy Jacobson.

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