The Spirit of 45 Dogwoof 1930 slums_copyright BBC

The Spirit of 45 (1930 slum) © BBC Archives

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Asked if he would do an archive documentary, Ken Loach thought it apposite to make The Spirit of ’45 in the current political and financial climate, and to highlight a period of unprecedented community spirit in the UK through the voices of the working class who lived through post-Second World War Britain.

Working with Film Archivist Jim Anderson, Loach used clips from regional and national archives as well as sound recordings and contemporary interview footage, crediting some of the following archives in the film:

British Pathe, Imperial War Museum, BBC, British Film Institute, AP Archive/British Movietone, Angus Tilston and Leonard Card, North West Film Archive at Manchester Metropolitan University, ITN Source/Reuters, Mentorn Media, National Grid

The Spirit of ’45 will be released on DVD 15th April 2013, and we are giving away a copy courtesy of Dogwoof. For a chance to win, nominate the film you think makes the best use of archive footage in the form below.

This 2 disc DVD edition has over 7 hours of extra material including:

– 22 Extended interviews with all contributors to the film including all new material
– Interview with Ken Loach
– Ken Loach short film: Which Side Are You On?
– Audio Description option for the blind or partially sighted
– English HOH subtitles
– UK Trailer

DVD Competition question

(Deadline Sunday 14th April)

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